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My name is Kalyan Bandarupalli and I currently live and work in Toronto, Canada.  My Professional career started as software engineer and then senior software developer and Software Architect. I am Senior Consultant use Microsoft technologies to develop the applications. Since 2003 I am working as Microsoft Technology Developer. I am Microsoft® Certified Professional(MCP) , Microsoft® Certified Solutions Expert: Business Intelligence (MCSE).

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I was far more concern about technical implementation of software, but in the past few years focus has changed to more architectural implementation of software. I recently (June 2008) started this blog because I want to share my learning’s and to help other people about new technologies in Microsoft Technologies. This BLOG helps IT professionals and developers around the world to develop applications using Microsoft Technologies.

This BLOG only speaks about Microsoft Technologies.


  • Naidu

    Hi Kalyan,

    Done a gud job keep it up…it will be very useful for all .Net developers.
    Hope this can be communications for all Microsoft Techy guys in the world.

    Best of luck..


  • archana

    Hey man,

    Where can i find the Material for Automated Testing.

  • Naveen

    Hi Kalyan,

    Good BLOG, I hope you will continue the great job.
    and also I hope you will acheive the RoadPlan in near future, as our support will be there always.

  • Jayachander L

    Hi Kalyan,

    Good initiation taken to exchange the knowledge base on .Net technology for all the people across the wold. It is much appriaciated.

    I am expecting the same for QA/Testing technology especially for Automation…… 🙂


  • Jayachander L

    Hey Kalyan,

    You can include the Testing under Categories. I will help you by providing some materials.


  • Fayaz

    Hey Kalyan,

    Great job man. Keep it up.


  • Hey kalz…this one’z kool man…so is this only for .NET and other Microsoft technologies???

  • Ibrahim Shaik

    Hey Kalyan,

    Keep it up dude, nice work.. wish u all the best

    Ibrahim Shaik

  • pradeep

    Dear Kalyan,

    good, you done a good job for .net users and this is really a very good BLOG. Keep writing good article as well.

  • Kalyan Bandarupalli

    Hi Pradeep,
    Thank u.
    sure i will update my BLOG with latest articles.

  • Praveen Vaddanam

    Gud work dear
    Can we expect any J2EE threads soon ?

  • Praveen Vaddanam

    Do you think keep tracking recent visitors is helpful to you in any way

  • Suresh Kumar Goudampally

    Hi Kalyan ,

    Can you please send me some references or articles relating to Microsoft Sql Server Performance where i can see performance tips with proper reasons.

    Suresh Kumar Goudampally

  • Guy

    Hi dude any chance you posting a WCF + ADO tutorial ?

  • sheetal

    Can u please post the material for Load Runner?Appreciate ur help!Ur site helps lots ot Techies.Gud work keep it up.

  • Sai Narasimha Rao

    Great job man. Keep it up.

  • Kalyan Bandarupalli

    Thanks for your feed back

  • An Indian

    Please correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

  • Kalyan Bandarupalli

    Thanks for your kind notice

  • muthu

    hi kalyan
    cong!!!! good stuff man….i got a logic to implement in but i don’t know how to do……concept is-
    all objective questions of a section is thrown on a single page of aspx and appropriate answer is checked and saved in a database and accordingly the score of a particular test taken is calculated in a database…..
    solve me man with best funda……..

  • naresh chowdary

    hi annn,the website is tremondous,
    in the gallary you’re looking like prince.

  • nice blog kalyan

  • Kalyan Bandarupalli

    Thank you kumar

  • Jacqueline Kennedy

    I would like to express my appreciation for your incredible service as a Techie. The contributions you have made over the past few months have been invaluable.

    Kep up the good work!!!

  • thanks

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  • Chaitanya

    Could you please send me the site address to learn SSIS.
    Thank you

  • Sri

    Hi kalyan,

    ur blog is very useful.


  • Renu

    wonderful job kalyan! its really helpful to all .NET developers especially beginners.

    • Thanks. It would be nice if you could share the BLOG link to your mates so that they can benefit from the content on the BLOG.

  • Rajesh Boyapati

    It’s a nice and very useful to people who are working in microsoft Technologies.Plz provide the documents also if you have any regarding these technologies…

    Rajesh Boyapati

  • raghu

    can u help me 2 learn silverlight more easily… how can i approch

  • Ravikumar

    HI Kalyan,

    doing good and your blog is very useful for all the Microsoft .NET Developer’s .and I Hope so u will continue.


  • venkat kancheti

    Hi kalyan ,

    your blog is very good and it help me a lot and please do continue and as a junior developer your blog is very help full to me.

    venkat kancheti

  • Hi
    as i have red your tutorial

    but this is for vs08 i want to for 2010 is it possible can you provide me…………?

  • Dinup

    Hi Kalyan,

    Your blog is very useful.gr8 job man. Keep it up.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Bharti

    I was looking for a difference between website and web application in when i came across your blog. Spent more time looking at your photos instead..

  • komal

    Truly useful site…. which leads having .net background is worth option chosen by me…!!!
    Thank you

  • Hi Kalyan,

    Nice Blog…..

    Your SharePoint 2013 posts are very useful keep posting.


  • Ritu Sharma

    NIce blog..Mr Kalyan

  • abhishek

    Hi Kalyan
    Nice to here your article.
    My self Abhishek Parihar working on MSBI technologies.

    Thanks & Regards

    • phani y

      Hi Abhishek

      Could you plz suggest some best sites or blogs for learning MSBI