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C# 6.0 Features overview

This post outlines the new features that are added to the C# new version 6.0. Enhancement to Auto Properties: ¬†currently auto properties are needed to have setters. This puts disadvantage to immutable data types. Now C# 6 allows only getters on auto properties.C# 6 also ¬† allows initializers to auto properties as shown in the […]

LightSwitch features in Visual Studio 2013

This post outlines how to build a modern business application using LightSwitch and new features for Lightswitch in Visual Studio 2013. Imagine a scenario where you want to build a Tradeshow mobile application. Create a new project in Visual Studio 2013 and select  LightSwitch from window and select LightSwitchHTML Application option as this is a […]

What is Katana and OWIN for ASP.NET?

Katana is not a revolutionary new project in ASP.NET world. It is just a next step in ASP.NET, The points that drive to go for Katana and OWIN are, Basically ASP.NET was optimised for two types of customers one classing ASP developers and second one LOB(line of business app) developers. From the beginning it was […]

Windows 8 File Explorer Tips

File Explorer is a great way to see the files and folders on your computer as well as libraries, folders and control panel.This post outlines some enhancements and tips in using File Explorer in Windows 8. 1. The first thing in File Explorer which you can notice is the menu is a ribbon menu. The […]