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Top Developer News this week (May Week 2)

This post outlines Top links for Microsoft developers in May week2. Windows Blue public preview available date Build conference will announce the Windows Blue public preview. “Windows Blue” is a code name for the next release of Windows. If you attend the Build conference then you will get the Windows Blue preview. Visual Studio 2012.3(Update […]

Top developer news this week

This post gives you the links for latest announcements for Microsoft developers. Announcing the Release of WebMatrix3 As most of the developers probably know that WebMatrix is free light-weight tool for building ASP.NET applications. There are tons of new features in this release including Windows Azure integration, ScottGu outlined the features here and this tool […]

Creating Shutdown tile in Windows 8

Shutting down or rebooting Windows 8 is pain without using the Start button. Many users may want to shutdown the system with just one click. This post shows the script to enable users create a tile on windows start screen for shutting down or rebooting the system. In Windows 8 Start menu was replaced by […]

Private Cloud IaaS basics

What is IaaS? Infrastructure as a service. How it is different from existing services in Windows Azure like Software as Service and Platform as Service? Saas and PaaS are service models where you can use the capabilities of Cloud computing to deliver services. Many customers adapting IaaS model because they have the capabilities for managing […]

Windows Azure New Features

What is Windows Azure? From platform perspective it is Microsoft computing cloud platform. It is designed and enabled to build the applications and scale it robustly. It is flexible to enable you to handle any type work and it acts as platform as service which provides a set of managed scalable services and now it […]

Multicore JIT in .NET Framework 4.5

Multicore JIT is a great new feature in .NET Framework 4.5. Multicore JIT parallelizes the some of the JIT compilations that happens on the start of the application, Historically .NET FW has used the  Ngen Native Image Generator for parallelization. It works particularly well where this Ngen is installed. It has been with Silverlight 5 […]