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C# 7 features overview

C# 7 added some new features with a focus on code simplification and performance. This post explains C# 7 new features
Binary Literals

We now have binary literals like 0b followed by 0’s and 1’s; literals can often get longer so you can add underscore to separate them as shown in above screenshot.
Install-Package “System.ValueTuple”
One of the major […]

What is Windows SDK for Facebook?

Microsoft released Windows SDK for Facebook and can be downloaded from here. The main objective of this SDK is building Universal Windows Applications with Facebook integration.
What is Windows SDK for Facebook?
It is an open source SDK for integrating Facebook features into your application that you develop using window platform. It has […]

.NET Framework 4.5.1 Features

A year ago .NET Framework 4.5 was released which allows the developers to use Windows 8 technologies and windows runtime directly from .NET 4.5. More on .NET FW 4.5 features can be read here.This post outlines the new .NET 4.5.1 features which mainly focusing on developer productivity, application performance and continuous innovation.

Developer Productivity Features
Edit […]

Immutable Collections in .NET Framework

What are Immutable Collections?
Immutable Collections are collections which guarantees that they never change their content and completely thread safe. Immutable suggests that data will not change and will not ever change and moreover you can hold a reference to it as long as you want. Why should we use Immutable Collections when there are Readonly […]

Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries in .NET

This post explains about design guidelines for developing class libraries that extends the .NET Framework. Following design guidelines provides benefits of consistency and unified programming model for developers.

Naming Conventions for Casing Identifiers
There are two different styles in Casing Identifiers
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.NET Framework 4 File IO Features

New methods are added to the System.IO.File class in .NET framework 4.0 for reading and writing text files.

In earlier version we have used File.ReadAllLines method which returns a string array of all lines in the file.

String[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(“file.txt”);

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.NET Framework 4 SortedSet

You can get the overview on what’s new in .NET FW BCL by reading my post .NET Framework 4 BCL. This post explains about one of the feature SortedSet. .NET Framework 4 adds a new collection to System.Collections.Generic, named  Sorted Set<T>.  It is like HashSet<T>  collection of unique elements, but SortedSet<T> keeps the elements in […]

.NET Framework 4 BCL

All .NET developers who uses the BaseClassLibraries can read this post to know what’s New in the .NET FW 4 BCL.  Its not the scope of this post to cover all the features but you can read them on BCL team blog at
The following are the features that you can explore in BCL

Code Contracts
Parallel […]

Documenting C# code with XML Comments

This article explains an easy and effective way of documenting your C# code. XML comments are the solution for generating a clean documentation for your code. Visual Studio environment allows you to generate a documentation file for your project. It helps your teammates and other people who using your code.
This post will explain how to […]