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Accessing Web Services from Sandboxed Silverlight application in SharePoint 2010


This post discuss about accessing public web services from sandboxed Silverlight application in SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2010 introduced the concept of sandboxed solution where the application runs in separate process outside the w3p process where SharePoint is running. Sandboxed solutions having the restriction to make a call to external resources like database and web services. […]

Using Silverlight Web Part in SharePoint 2010


Using Silverlight Web Part, You can add Silverlight applications and videos to SharePoint page. Users just need Silverlight runtime to view or run the applications. You must be member of default security group in-order to add the web part to the page.

You need to complete the below steps before adding the Silverlight application to SharePoint […]

Editing Silverlight page data using Domain Service


This post discusses to edit the displayed data in Silverlight page and save the changes back to database. Insert, Update and Delete operations can be done using domain service object context. All the changes you made to this object are collectively submitted to the database when you call the SubmitChanges method.

This post requires to create […]

Data driven example using Silverlight Business Application

This post discusses how to displays data from the AdventureWorks Database on to Silverlight pages. In this walkthrough you will find the page that displays the data from customer table in adventure database and allows the user to traverse the records. You need to have Visual Studio 2010 SP1 installed on your machine.

Silverlight business application […]

Creating an application using Silverlight Business Application Template


This post discusses how to create a WCF Data Service solution by using the Silverlight Business Application template. There are several features that you can work with this Business Application Template by writing little code. This post specifically discusses the authentication mechanisms forms and windows. By Default Silverlight Business Application allows the users to register […]

What is new in Silverlight 5 Beta

This post discusses the features in Silverlight 5 Beta. One of the greatest features                             
in Silverlight 5 is tooling. Features are listed below


Breakpoints in XAML for debugging binding
Binding in style setters
Implicit Data Templates


Sound effect for low-latency sound using the SoundEffect API
Variable speed playback
For performance boost H.264 media is now hardware decoded


Linked Rich Text Boxes for […]

Data Binding for Silverlight Application

This post explains loading data into Silverlight form using ADO.NET Data Services service. We need to do the following tasks to achieve this

Creating an ADO.NET Data Services project
Creating a Silverlight application and referring the created service above

Creating the ADO.NET Data Services project 
1. Create an empty web application using Visual Studio 2010 as follows

MVVM Pattern for WPF Applications

Model-View-ViewModel [MVVM] is a design pattern for developing the UI Applications. It is a variation of MVC and MVP. MVP[Model-View-Presenter] which has been using for years to develop UI platforms.
Bit about MVP
View is what you see on the screen.Model displays the data and Presenter hooks the two elements together.You can read more about this pattern […]

Silverlight 2 Development Overview

This post explains starting Silverlight 2 development from developer prospective. Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser,cross-platform for delivering rich media experience and interactive applications for the web.
Prerequisites   you need to have the following installed on your machine to develop the sample Silverlight 2 application in VS environment. 

VisualStudio 2008 ServicePack 1
Silverlight 2 tools Download.

Install […]