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SSL Encryption in SQL Server


This post discuss about security of SQL Server data and  steps required to configure SSL Encryption in SQL Server. There is a feature named Transparent Data Encryption in SQL server 2008 which provides security for static data, what about the data that flows over the network. SSL Encryption can answer this question.

What is SSL Encryption?
Secure […]

Analyzing SQL Server Performance using Performance Monitor Counters

This post discusses about using Performance Monitor tool to create a base-line using different performance counters. It also discusses analyzing hardware resource bottlenecks and retrieving performance monitor data in sql server using views. Performance Monitor Tool collects the detailed information of system resources including memory, processor , disk and network.SQL Server 2008 provides extensions to […]

Creating Maintenance Plans in SQL Server 2008 R2


One of the repetitive task that DBA need to perform is create maintenance plan for database. Maintenance plans enables you to automate maintenance activities for a database, backups, db integrity checks and index maintenance tasks. We can easily create a maintenance plan using a wizard in sql server 2008 R2.

You can use the following steps […]

SQL Server Reporting with Analysis Services


SQL Server Analysis Services is used to present the aggregated data to support analysis, ad-hoc reporting and decision making process. Technically CUBE is used in Analysis Services to build the aggregated data. Once it is build then you can easily navigate and produce reports for business analysis. This post discusses using analysis services in SQL […]