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Unit Testing for SQL Server in Visual Studio 2013

Unit Testing is commonly leveraged in application development and this can applied to database development as well, In Visual Studio 2013 integrated database testing can run directly against the database.It can even be configured automatically in the team build scenario. This post outlines how to create database unit testing in Visual Studio 2013. Create a […]

Schema Compare for SQL Server in Visual Studio 2013

This post outlines the new Schema Compare and Data Compare features in Visual Studio 2013 which supports SQL Server and Windows Azure databases. Schema Compare provides the capability to analyse and compare database schema along with presenting the results in visual and highly configurable manner.It can also calculate the actions necessary that affects the changes […]

Enabling Remote Connections in SQL Server 2012

You  may get an error saying server was not accessible or not found  or remote connections may not be configured properly. You will receive this error when database server is down or SQL Server is not configured for remote connections. This post describes the steps to grant remote systems access to the server. In SQL […]

Tabular Models and Multidimensional Models in SQL Server 2012

  Tabular Model is a new data model introduced in SQL Server 2012 Analysis services. Tabula Models are in-memory databases which uses analytic engine named (VertiPaq) which delivers fast access to data to client applications like Excel and Power View. This post describes the differences between Tabular Model and Multidimensional model and outlines which model […]

Server Management Tips for SQL Server

Administrating the Server resources such as memory, processes and storage and low level resources such as locks, latches and queues are crucial as these are consumed by transactions. This post outlines some tips on managing server level and database level resources and also explains monitoring user sessions and their activity as well as concurrency structures […]

Performance tuning essentials for SQL Server DBA

This post outlines various options and tools for performing performance tuning on SQL Server. Performance tuning is ongoing, iterative process and it never stops.  Typical performance tuning methodologies a Instance level Database level Application level Tuning the SQL Server while building offers a proactive approach to performance tuning. In order to build highly performance database […]

Big Data and StreamInsight

StreamInsight in SQL Server is a Complex Event Processing Engine which can manage and mine the data in real-time. A practical application has developed to stream Twitter data and analyze this data with Microsoft Azure and Hadoop. Application can be downloaded from here.  Power Pivot, Power View and Mobile Devices can be used as Front […]