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Power View in SQL Server 2012

  Power View is a new feature available in SQL Server 2012 reporting services, It is a browser based application which requires Reporting Services to run in SharePoint Integration mode. The datasource for Power View application is either a analysis services CUBE or Power Pivot work book that needs to deploy to SharePoint document library. […]

SQL Server High Availability Solutions Overview

This post discusses about high-availability solutions for SQL servers databases. High Availability solution addresses hardware or software failure and maintains the availability of applications with minimum downtime to users. It also discuss the considerations for choosing the available options. Options for High Availability solution for a SQL Server or Database are •    Failover clustering A […]

SSIS Deployment Models in SQL Server 2012

  SQL Server 2012 supports two different SSIS deployment models one is Package Deployment model and another is Project Deployment model. This post describes the characteristics and compares the two different models. Package Deployment Model   This model was used in previous versions of Integration Services, Unit of deployment in this model is package and it […]

General Interface Changes in SQL Server 2012 SSIS

  The Visual Studio Environment introduces some user-interface changes from previous version of Business Intelligence Development Studio(BIDS). The new interface contains the enhanced appearance of tasks and dataflow components with rounded edges and icons. Change in New Project Dialogue Project There are only two templates available for Integration Service Projects now Integration Service Project – […]

Columnstore index in SQL Server 2012

  Microsoft SQL Server 2012 introduces a new Index type called Columnstore and it offers great performance for data-warehousing loads and other similar queries. Columnstore indexes are designed for data-ware house workloads that are typically read based. This post discuss about how Columnstore index work, how the data is stored in it and what type […]

SSL Encryption in SQL Server

  This post discuss about security of SQL Server data and  steps required to configure SSL Encryption in SQL Server. There is a feature named Transparent Data Encryption in SQL server 2008 which provides security for static data, what about the data that flows over the network. SSL Encryption can answer this question. What is […]

T-SQL features in SQL Server 2012

  This post discuss about new T-SQL features in SQL Server 2012. The features which I am going to discuss here are Window Functions. Windowing and additional analytic functions are very cool and they are replacing cursors in T-SQL. Cursors are still available for use but windowing functions give better performance over cursors. What is […]