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General Interface Changes in SQL Server 2012 SSIS

  The Visual Studio Environment introduces some user-interface changes from previous version of Business Intelligence Development Studio(BIDS). The new interface contains the enhanced appearance of tasks and dataflow components with rounded edges and icons. Change in New Project Dialogue Project There are only two templates available for Integration Service Projects now Integration Service Project – […]

Using For Loop and Foreach Loop Containers in SSIS

  SQL Server Integration Services supports two container tasks name For Loop and Foreach loop. These containers supports to execute the repetitive workflows in controlled way. The For Loop has three expressions that control it’s execution and termination. This post also discuss about Foreach loop container in SSIS. The three expressions are InitExpression  The For […]

Using Data Profiling Task in SSIS

  Data Profiling is important in data quality processing and transformation. It provides a way to investigate large datasets and to identify incorrectly formatted data. This post explains doing data analysis using Data Profiling task. Data Profiling task helps you to Identify the problems with your data. Example: Finding the products in your data  which […]