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Hub App Project Template in Visual Studio 2013

Hub App Project Template is a new project template introduced in Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Store App developers. It is a three page project for a Windows Store App that uses Hub control. This post outlines the features of this project template.Open Visual Studio 2013, Create a new project and select Window Store section […]

Security and Configuration Enhancements for ASP.NET Projects in VS 2013

Number of enhancements made for ASP.NET Projects in Visual Studio 2013 release. For example, Now you can easily create a Web Forms project which has MVC as a part of it or you could create MVC project which has Web Forms. This release also enabled switching authentication types per project, For example you can create […]

LightSwitch features in Visual Studio 2013

This post outlines how to build a modern business application using LightSwitch and new features for Lightswitch in Visual Studio 2013. Imagine a scenario where you want to build a Tradeshow mobile application. Create a new project in Visual Studio 2013 and select  LightSwitch from window and select LightSwitchHTML Application option as this is a […]

Unit Testing for SQL Server in Visual Studio 2013

Unit Testing is commonly leveraged in application development and this can applied to database development as well, In Visual Studio 2013 integrated database testing can run directly against the database.It can even be configured automatically in the team build scenario. This post outlines how to create database unit testing in Visual Studio 2013. Create a […]