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Windows 8 File Explorer Tips

File Explorer is a great way to see the files and folders on your computer as well as libraries, folders and control panel.This post outlines some enhancements and tips in using File Explorer in Windows 8. 1. The first thing in File Explorer which you can notice is the menu is a ribbon menu. The […]

Creating Shutdown tile in Windows 8

Shutting down or rebooting Windows 8 is pain without using the Start button. Many users may want to shutdown the system with just one click. This post shows the script to enable users create a tile on windows start screen for shutting down or rebooting the system. In Windows 8 Start menu was replaced by […]

Windows Store for Developers

Windows store is really an important part of Windows 8 platform. Windows store is the place where user find the metro-style apps. Windows Store is the distribution point for metro style applications. The idea behind building the windows store is connecting people to as many apps as possible. Additional details about the Developer opportunity coming […]