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Creating a custom sequential workflow in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint supports state machine and sequential workflows. In Sequential Workflow the activities are placed in logical order with a start and an end. Sequential workflows can be used in automated processes where a manual interaction like moving documents to library. In SharePoint, Workflows can be associated with libraries, lists and sites. Site workflows are introduced […]

Building Windows Azure Services

Introduction Microsoft introduced cloud platform officially known as Azure Services Platform.It makes easy for .NET Developers to move their applications to the cloud using same tools and API’s they’re already familiar with. It provides highly-scalable execution environment for running .NET Applications and storing data in Microsoft data centers throughout the world.

Microsoft “Oslo” Features

Microsoft’s “Oslo” is a platform for building the data-driven applications. This post explains about “Oslo” platform concepts and technologies required to implement those concepts. Oslo contains three elements A set of languages called “M”[MSchema,MGrammar and MGraph] Data manipulation tool called “Quadrant” A repository for data store

Creating Custom Activities in Windows Workflow Foundation

Introduction Activities are basic units in workflow execution. Activities are two types basic activities and composite activities. Basic activities are steps in the workflow and composite activities  can contain other activities. Base activities are comes with Workflow Foundation and these can be used by dragging it from visual studio toolbox. We can also create custom […]

Windows Workflow Foundation Key Concepts with example

Introduction This post discusses the key concepts of workflow foundation, authoring the sequential workflow using the visual studio 2008 designer for WF and debugging the workflows using visual studio 2008 designer. You can Get the overview on windows workflow foundation before going to read this post.   1. Create the new workflow project by selecting […]

Windows Workflow Foundation Overview

Introduction Windows Workflow Foundation is Framework for building the workflow enabled applications on windows. It consisting the workflow engine and designer. Workflow foundation supports both human and system workflow. The Workflow Foundation can be used in the following scenarios Workflow within Line-of-business applications. User interface page flow Human workflow Workflow fro SOA applications Business rule […]