What is Windows Azure?


Windows Azure is an operating system for windows cloud. This post speaks about key features and how can we use windows Azure.

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What does this mean and what is windows cloud these questions will come up in mind????

Windows cloud is a set connected servers on which developers can install and run services. we can also store and retrieve data from the servers.

Imagine you are building a desktop application it might include the following steps

  • Selecting the hardware for the application
  • Selecting the storage mechanism
  • Writing some Job schedulers
  • Writing an application installer for the application.
  • and moreā€¦..

The above steps are normally done by every developer in a day-to-day activities.

So Windows Cloud replacing all the above steps.



What is missing on the windows cloud? Operating System!!!!!!!!!


This operating system provides the same facilities as normal OS But on a set of connected servers.

Key Features for the service developers

  • Automated service management : you write your code and rules windows azure take care of deploying your code run on the machines.
  • Powerful Hosting Environment: Virtualizes the environment
  • Scalable, available storage: which contains blobs,tables and queues
  • Rich Developer experience: The developer can simulate everything that happens on windows cloud.

In the next post i am going to explain about writing a sample application on windows Azure.

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