Business Needs for SharePoint 2007

A number of organizational needs made the adoption of SharePoint technologies. Some of the common business needs to use SharePoint 2007.

  • Document Management  Includes document versioning, check-out and check-in features, adding metadata to documents and a better control of document access.
  • Collaboration between users To allow the users to interact efficiently with each other to share information. Integration of office applications is a key component in SharePoint.

  • To Develop Intranet You can develop the Intranet web sites across the departments in the organization. Department users can regularly update the information on their websites.
  • Centralized Search Engine Allows the users to quickly and efficiently to find particular documents.
  • Creation of  a Portal Develop a web-enabled environment that allows Internet and potentially external users to access company resources and software applications. A portal typically extends standard Intranet functionality by using single sign-on.


We just discussed the business needs for the SharePoint 2007 and coming posts I will explain SharePoint 2007 Features and Difference between WSS and MOSS.

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