File type in FAST Search Server for SharePoint 2010

Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 has enhanced search capabilities, content processing features and integration capabilities. You can configure the FAST Search Server in Farm or can install on multiple servers to meet your search demanding requirements. FAST Search Server crawls and extracts metadata from different file types.

Scenario – Assume you have a document library which contains several PDF files, you noticed PDF documents are being crawled but they are not showing up when you search for a string contained in the documents

You can follow the below steps to include your file-type and get your document in search results

Step 1
Make sure your file type is not in excluded file-types list
Step 2
Open the central administration  Application Management  Manage Service applications, from the list of service applications click your FAST Search Content SSA
Step 3
Click the Crawl log under Crawling in search administration page and check for below message

If you found a message Unknown document format then register and install a third party IFilter and update the user_converter_rules.xml with intended file-type.

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