Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA)


SOA represents new model for building distributed applications. SOA is a platform where you can expose your organization business logic through services. Here services are the interfaces which process and deliver the XML Messages.

SOA approach makes sense when we build applications cross organizational. A business with multiple systems and applications on different platforms  can use SOA to build a loosely coupled integration applications.We can implement SOA by using web services.

Overview of SOA

SOA uses service components that reside in different domains. Service Components operate in their own boundary.

Three main entities in SOA are

  1. Service Providers
  2. Service Consumers
  3. Service Directories


The communication between the services and the consumer is in the form of XML messages that are defined against XSD schemas.

SOA Benefits

  • SOA Address the availability and scalability issue:  Synchronous communication model with linear workflow model is highly susceptible to failures. SOA address this problem by implementing the strategies for handling them. For example if service failed to accept a message request, the architecture will be designed to retry the delivery.SOA improves the reliability because a temporary failure in the system will not bring down the entire business process.


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