Software Architecture

Software architecture is the set of decisions about the organization of a software system that software architect makes.

What decisions does the software architect make?

Architects create architectures and defines their responsibilities which involved in doing so. Conceptualizing and experimenting the alternative  architectural approaches.Creating models, components and interface documents which validates the architecture against the requirements and assumptions.

Experienced architect role involves not just technical activities but others that are more strategic in nature.  A sense of business and technical strategy is required to envision the right architectural approach to customer problem.

Software Architect Activities include

  1. Listening to stakeholders values, concerns and goals.
  2. Creating technology road maps and making assertions about   technology directions.
  3. The architect needs to partner well with a variety of different stakeholder groups,business analysts and developers.
  4. Preparing the tech tutorials to help developers in understanding the architecture and rationale behind the architecture.
  5. The architect also act as mentor and coach, working with developers to address the challenges that arise.
  6. Lastly, the architect must lead – the architecture team, developer community and in technical direction, the organization.

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