Running SQL Server JOBS with different user accounts in SQL 2008


This post discusses about configuring different user account to JOB running in SQL Server 2008. By default SQL JOBs runs under service account that you have configured while installing the SQL Server. You can follow the below steps to change the user account that running under JOB


1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and expand the SQL Server Agent node and Select the JOB that you want to change the running account.


2. Double click the selected JOB then you will get the below dialogue


3. Select the Steps from the above window and click Edit to see the below properties window


4. Click the ellipses button right to Run as user and select the user from below window and say ok


Now your job will run under chosen user account. It is always recommended to run your SQL JOBS under one account rather putting to many user accounts for to many JOBS. This post is for the people who have the business reason and want to run under different user account.

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