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ASP.NET Core 1 details

ASP.NET core is different from ASP.NET in the past.ASP.NET core is just bunch of libraries; it doesn’t have any host process that comes with it. ASP.NET core is completely decoupled from System.web dll.
This post outlines the following ASP.NET Core 1 features in detail
· ASP.NET Core hosting
· Request handling
· Routing
· MVC Application Parts
You provide the host […]

ASP.NET 5 internals overview

ASP.NET 5 comes with the default runtime environment called KRE. KRE is K runtime environment which contains compilation, SDK and native CLR host. K runtime bootstraps the environment and runs on different operating systems.
KVM is K version manager for installing different versions of KRE.Different commands related to KVM- single command line that downloads and […]