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C# 7 features overview

C# 7 added some new features with a focus on code simplification and performance. This post explains C# 7 new features Binary Literals         We now have binary literals like 0b followed by 0’s and 1’s; literals can often get longer so you can add underscore to separate them as shown in […]

C# 6.0 Features overview

This post outlines the new features that are added to the C# new version 6.0. Enhancement to Auto Properties:  currently auto properties are needed to have setters. This puts disadvantage to immutable data types. Now C# 6 allows only getters on auto properties.C# 6 also   allows initializers to auto properties as shown in the […]

Asynchronous Lambda Expressions in C#5

Asynchronous functions make asynchronous programming similar to synchronous programming. You can read my previous post on C# 5.0 features. Normal methods can written as asynchronous as shown below 1: async Task Demo() 2: { 3: await Task.Delay(10000); 4: Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!!”); 5: } You can call the method as await Demo(); Lambda Expressions and anonymous methods […]

What is new in C# and Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2012

  This post discusses the new language features that is introduced in Visual Studio 2012. One of the main things that language team introduced is the idea of producing windows 8 App. These APPs are talking to new API called windows runtime. Small new feature Caller Info Attributes is also added in this release. More […]

Caller Info Attributes in C# 5.0

Caller Info Attributes is a new feature in C# 5.0, Caller Info Attributes instructs the compiler to obtain and feed information into the parameter’s default value. You can tag optional parameters using Caller Info Attributes. Three Caller Info Attributes are [CallerMemberName]  – It applies the caller’s member name [CallerFilePath] –  It applies the path to […]

Comparing Two Generic Lists in C#

Today I come across the problem while comparing two different lists. The basic requirement is finding the records which are present in one list but not in other and vise versa. I thought of sharing this piece of code which might  help for you to do the same task. Let us take the two Generic […]

Documenting C# code with XML Comments

This article explains an easy and effective way of documenting your C# code. XML comments are the solution for generating a clean documentation for your code. Visual Studio environment allows you to generate a documentation file for your project. It helps your teammates and other people who using your code. This post will explain how […]

C# IDE Tips & Tricks Part 2

This post explains the some more tips on using Visual C# IDE to enhance developer productivity. Solution Configurater  Right click your solution in your IDE then select the ConfigurationManager  you see the following window   where you have the option to select the project for building. We can select the required project in the solution […]