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Front End development with Node and Jade

This post outlines how Jade Templates helps you to build the front end pages using Node. When you install node then you will get Jade as a default templating engine. Why Jade for templating in Node? Jade is a templating language to simplify writing HTML. Jade syntax and keywords map directly to HTML.Jade add ability […]

What is Node Express?

Node Express is a minimal, open source and flexible node.js web app framework designed to develop websites, web apps and APIs much easier. Especially developing single page applications is easy with node express. This post outlines the node express features , creating a simple REST API and interacting with Mongo database to get the data […]

Explore what Node.js is?

  What is Node.js? Node.js is a runtime environment and library for running JavaScript applications outside the browser. If you are a JavaScript developer and you are used to doing front-end stuff then you can take that knowledge and use it in server side backend.Node.js is mostly used to run real-timer server applications and it […]

Using Promises in JavaScript

Promises in JavaScript gives you great power of asynchronicity while you are creating Windows 8 Apps or Web Applications. Promises gives you the ability to call something without blocking your UI thread. Instead of waiting for a call to return something, let that function fire when it complete. In this way you can continue the […]

Basic DOM Interactions

This post outlines the basic DOM (Document Object Model) interactions such as Querying the DOM, Manipulating the DOM and responding to the events. Querying the DOM getElementById getElementsByTagName querySelector querySelectorAll Example: var x = document.getElementById(“anyID”); //or var x = document.querySelector(“#anyID”); querySelector returns the first matched item, where as querySelectorAll returns the list of items that […]