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Using SharePoint 2010 dialogs

SharePoint 2010 dialogs are JavaScript pop-up dialogs consisting of an iframe to request the other pages in the SharePoint. These pages can be publishing pages or application pages.When you call a pop-up dialog in SharePoint 2010, the content is displayed by using the system master page. The dialog functionality in SharePoint exposed by SP.UI.Dialog and […]

Activating and Deactivating Feature programmatically in SharePoint

Sometimes, You may need to activate/deactivate Feature programmatically in SharePoint. Feature should have the scope of the web, site or web application or Farm.You can get the Feature by accessing Feature properties of Site or web. Write the following code to retrieve the activated features available in Web application/Site/Web level. var webApplicationFeatures = webapplication.Features var […]

Using Property bag in SharePoint 2010

What is Property bag? Property bag is basically a hash table of key-value pair options. Property bag feature is available in Windows SharePoint services 3.0. It allows you to add properties to objects in SharePoint site. Property bag helps you to store meta data as key-value pairs example Connection Strings, file paths, server names and […]

Using JavaScript Object Model in SharePoint

Developing client applications with SharePoint client side object model (CSOM) is an attractive option when SharePoint solutions are hosted in cloud environment where access to the root folder is not permitted. SharePoint exposes three object models using Managed code using Silverlight using JavaScript Each of these object models provides an interface for the functionality exposed […]

Creating a custom sequential workflow in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint supports state machine and sequential workflows. In Sequential Workflow the activities are placed in logical order with a start and an end. Sequential workflows can be used in automated processes where a manual interaction like moving documents to library. In SharePoint, Workflows can be associated with libraries, lists and sites. Site workflows are introduced […]

Integrating JQuery into SharePoint

  Integrating JQuery into SharePoint involves putting JQuery library in where it can be accessed from SharePoint Environment. This post discusses about different options available for deploying and loading JQuery library in SharePoint page and then create a webpart using JQuery. Deploying JQuery to SharePoint To manage the JQuery library files in central location , […]