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Using SharePoint 2010 dialogs

SharePoint 2010 dialogs are JavaScript pop-up dialogs consisting of an iframe to request the other pages in the SharePoint. These pages can be publishing pages or application pages.When you call a pop-up dialog in SharePoint 2010, the content is displayed by using the system master page. The dialog functionality in SharePoint exposed by SP.UI.Dialog and […]

Activating and Deactivating Feature programmatically in SharePoint

Sometimes, You may need to activate/deactivate Feature programmatically in SharePoint. Feature should have the scope of the web, site or web application or Farm.You can get the Feature by accessing Feature properties of Site or web. Write the following code to retrieve the activated features available in Web application/Site/Web level. var webApplicationFeatures = webapplication.Features var […]

Using Property bag in SharePoint 2010

What is Property bag? Property bag is basically a hash table of key-value pair options. Property bag feature is available in Windows SharePoint services 3.0. It allows you to add properties to objects in SharePoint site. Property bag helps you to store meta data as key-value pairs example Connection Strings, file paths, server names and […]

Creating SharePoint App using Office Developer Tools

Office Developer tools for Visual Studio 2012 allows you to develop Apps for office and SharePoint 2013. The tools can be downloaded from here. This post outlines the steps to create the SharePoint ContactListApp using Visual Studio 2012. Create a new Project in Visual Studio 2012 and select App for SharePoint 2013 template. once you […]

Social Features in SharePoint 2013 Part2

A Big boost for social features in SharePoint 2013 which were an extension for the features introduced in SharePoint 2010. In SharePoint 2013 Collaborating and exchanging information options have been improved a lot, Features like Micro Blogging, Community sites and sharing introduced in SharePoint 2013. The out of the box SharePoint 2013 social features can […]