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Windows Azure–Security essentials

  This post discusses about Security essentials which technical decision maker should know in-order to protect customers applications and data in Windows Azure platform. Instead you building the server racks and datacenters, Cloud takes your traditional data centers from you and run on their premises which greatly reduces the cost and maintenance. Cloud runs as […]

SQL Azure vs SQL Server

  This post discusses the differences between SQL Azure and SQL Server in the context of security                                Supports SQL(native) and Windows authentication. Supports SQL(native) only, no windows authentication. Authorization is based on database users and roles. Authorization is based on database users and roles. SQL Server has fixed server roles such as serveradmin, securityadmin […]

Creating a database in SQL Azure

  This post discusses about setting up a windows Azure and creating a SQL Azure database. There 3 main steps to create a main database Step1: Visit the Windows Azure website and select the suitable offer. For testing and knowing the features there is a introductory offer which is free to use as long as […]