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WSE Settings 3.0 Tool

The WSE features can be enabled by using WSE 3.0 tool which is a graphical user interface in visual studio 2005. You have to download the WSE 3.0 for .NET to configure the WSE 3.0 tool. To open the WSE Settings 3.0 tool from Visual Studio 2005. Open the Solution or project that you want […]

WSE Policy element in the policy file

Web services enhancements 3.0 <policy> Element specifies one or more SOAP Message requirements. A policy element can have one or more child elements. <policy name="unique policy name">     <anonymousForCertificateSecurity />     <mutualCertificate10Security />     <kerberosSecurity />     <mutualCertificate11Security />     <requireActionHeader />     <requireSoapHeader name="" namespace="" actor="" />     <usernameForCertificateSecurity />     <usernameOverTransportSecurity />   […]

Overview of WSE 3.0

Introduction Web Services Enhancements is a .NET class library to develop web services using latest protocols. Features Securing the Web Services: It is difficult to secure a web service that cross the security domains. We can secure a web service by sending over secure transport, such as Secure Socket Layer(SSL) but that holds good when […]

SOAP Message Routing with WSE

A application using WSE can be designed by setting up a intermediary computer that is configured to run on WSE router. Clients send messages to WSE router instead of to the web service. WSE Router Benefits of using WSE router is computer that hosting a web service can be taken offline for maintenance with out […]

Configure WSE to Validate SOAP Message

One type verifying the SOAP message is validating the digital signature for the incoming message.Signature validation is done by WSE prior to the execution of the recipient code. The following procedure can be used to configure the WSE to validate the digital signature for SOAP message. 1. Start Visual studio 2005 2. File Menu, New […]