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WCF Service using MTOM in .NET FW 4

Web services having a greater interoperability to communicate messages across heterogeneous systems, however challenge is serializing the data into XML. Users may want to send images,videos, drawings, xml documents etc. together with SOAP message. 
What is MTOM?
Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) is a mechanism of transferring transferring large amounts binary data as an attachment to […]

Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries in .NET

This post explains about design guidelines for developing class libraries that extends the .NET Framework. Following design guidelines provides benefits of consistency and unified programming model for developers.

Naming Conventions for Casing Identifiers
There are two different styles in Casing Identifiers
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Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta Released

Microsoft announced VS 2010 Service Pack1 Beta  and is ready for download. MSDN subscribers can download beta from here
General users can download from here

Service Pack 1 Beta including the following features
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.NET Framework 4 File IO Features

New methods are added to the System.IO.File class in .NET framework 4.0 for reading and writing text files.

In earlier version we have used File.ReadAllLines method which returns a string array of all lines in the file.

String[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(“file.txt”);

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.NET Framework 4 BCL

All .NET developers who uses the BaseClassLibraries can read this post to know what’s New in the .NET FW 4 BCL.  Its not the scope of this post to cover all the features but you can read them on BCL team blog at
The following are the features that you can explore in BCL

Code Contracts
Parallel […]

WCF Features in .NET Framework 4.0

WCF providing a way to define service contracts and to configure endpoint definitions using the declarative XAML in .NET Framework 4.0.
Consider the WCF service contract definition:

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