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Remote debugging AZURE app service web app

This post outline the steps to debug the AZURE app service using Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2015. Before you start remote debugging the application make sure you deployed your web app to azure using debug settings not release. Step 1 Enable remote debug and visual studio version for your app service web app in AZURE portal Step2 You can attach the debugger in two way one is from cloud...

Cloud Application Development Availability strategy

Formulating successful strategy for cloud development starts with technical and business objectives. This post outlines the problem areas that must address while building your cloud application. Each problem area outlines the challenges and solution as well. Availability – defines proportion of the time your system is functional and working. An available application should consider the...

Connection issue with SQL Azure

Today, I got the following error message when connecting to SQL Azure from our dev environment Don’t panic follow the below trouble shooting steps. 1. Check your Microsoft Azure portal firewall settings. You should add your client ip address range as following 2. If you still get the same error message then double check the way that your are connecting to server using client tool example: if...

Misconceptions about Microsoft Cloud

This post outlines some of the misconceptions around cloud computing and also lists the facts and what you need to know about cloud computing. Cloud changes the way that we do our business and when change happens to organization and individuals sometimes there is some uncertainty there. The challenge is “Cloud” is often misunderstood by many customers. When it first comes around year 2010 the...

Publishing a website to cloud using Visual Studio

This post outlines the steps involved in publishing a websites to Windows Azure sites (Microsoft cloud).Create a new website in visual studio 2013 and right click on the website and say publish web site You will get different options in publishing web window; one of them is Microsoft Azure Websites When you click the Microsoft Azure Websites option then you will be prompted to enter login...

Private Cloud IaaS basics

What is IaaS? Infrastructure as a service. How it is different from existing services in Windows Azure like Software as Service and Platform as Service? Saas and PaaS are service models where you can use the capabilities of Cloud computing to deliver services. Many customers adapting IaaS model because they have the capabilities for managing their software but not underlining physical...

Microsoft Codename Cloud Numerics

Microsoft Codename “Cloud Numerics” is a new .NET programming framework which can be used to perform intensive numeric computations on large distributed data sets. If you are some one who works with large data sets, extracting the data and forming and simulating the models then you might need more computing power and memory.

Configuring Session Support Using the Azure

  In-memory session support is un-suitable in Azure Fabric environment. There is a possibility in windows azure where you can host a web role on multiple machines inside the fabric. AspProviders project which I explained in earlier post uses BLOB storage to store session itself. This post explains about configuring the ASP.NET application to use Azure session state provider. We can configure...

MOVING Web Applications to the CLOUD


This post discusses about preparing the Web application to run in CLOUD (Windows Azure) Environment. We will create a new windows azure project in VS 2010 to move the existing ASP.NET web application. Process described below works for both ASP.NET Web and MVC applications.

You need to download and install the following tools from here to move the applications to windows azure environment.

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