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Web Essentials and CSSCop for Visual Studio 2010

  This post discuss about new features in Web Essentials extension and Image optimizer which helps developers to write web applications faster. A new extension CSSCop which is a FXCop for style sheets. You can download the Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2010 here. The CSSCop can be download from here. Download link for Image Optimizer is here. You can read my previous post on Web Standards...

Visual Studio Achievements

  What is Visual Studio Achievements? Gamification is an idea behind Visual Studio Achievements. Visual Studio is a powerful tool and it contains many features which you may not know about it. Visual Studio Achievement is something you earn when you unlock the Visual Studio feature. It is an add-in to Visual Studio and works with Visual Studio 2010 professional and above. If you are having a...

Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 Editor

  Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 SP1, which provides HTML5 and CSS3 support. Microsoft team said Visual Studio next version have better support for HTML5. This update gives you HTML5 Intellisense and fixes some bugs in SP1 support for HTML5. CSS3 intellisense on latest specification from W3C. Download Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 Editor Please note this is not an...

Heterogeneous Development using Visual Studio 2010

  Your organization might have .NET and Java developers working on different platforms to develop the applications. Each development team might have been using different processes to develop the application. With this separation, Organisations have no end-to-end visibility on the development efforts. With Visual Studio 2010 this separation become a thing of past. Visual Studio 2010 ultimate...

WCF Services in Windows Azure

  What is Windows Azure? Windows Azure provides developers computation power storage and can scale web applications on internet through Microsoft Datacenters. Developers can use Azure platform to build WCF service application using their existing Visual Studio 2010 expertise. Windows Azure supports the protocols and formats including SOAP, REST and XML. This post discuss about creating a...

JavaScript Intellisence for SharePoint 2010 Projects


Visual Studio 2010 is really have useful and helpful capabilities from tooling prospective and it allows JavaScript developers to more productive through JavaScript Intellisence and JavaScript debugging. This post discusses about getting the JavaScript Intellisense in SharePoint 2010 projects.

1. Create an empty SharePoint 2010 project as shown below

Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks

This post discusses about tips and tricks in Visual Studio 2010 which helps developers to write the code faster and make their life easier in day to day work much better. Especially you need these tips when you are concurrently working on two many projects. Let us group these tips and tricks 1. IntelliSense Filtering IntelliSense options are filtered in Visual Studio 2010 let us take an example...

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