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Sorting Month Name in Date Dimension in SQL Server


In order to sort the month name in your date dimension, you need to define an attribute relationship and Sort Order in the Date Dimension. This post discusses about defining a new attribute in date dimension based on existing column in the underlying dimension table.

Step 1: Open the Date Dimension designer then switch to Attribute Relationships tab

SQL Server Reporting with Analysis Services

    SQL Server Analysis Services is used to present the aggregated data to support analysis, ad-hoc reporting and decision making process. Technically CUBE is used in Analysis Services to build the aggregated data. Once it is build then you can easily navigate and produce reports for business analysis. This post discusses using analysis services in SQL Server Reporting with MDX query...

Installing AdventureWorks Analysis Services Database

    This post discuss about configuring the AdventureWorks Analysis Services Database in SQL Server 2008 R2. You can download the sample databases from here. By default when you install the setup you would not see the analysis services database, you need to do some configurations to get it appear in analysis services database.   To deploy the analysis services database perform the...

Creating an Analysis Services Project in Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services allows the developers to provide a unified access of data for analytical analysis and reporting. Developers can manage and aggregate the queries from multiple subject areas. This can be achieved by creating a cube in Visual Studio 2008. This post defines and explains the terms used in creating an analysis project in VS 2008.

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