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Documenting C# code with XML Comments

This article explains an easy and effective way of documenting your C# code. XML comments are the solution for generating a clean documentation for your code. Visual Studio environment allows you to generate a documentation file for your project. It helps your teammates and other people who using your code. This post will explain how to use XML comments in code and how to generate XML help...

Validating XML Document Using XSD in C#.NET

Introduction This post explains how to apply  XML Schema Definition Language(XSD) to Extensible Markup Language (XML) document. Basics of XSD. Create an XML Document Start Visual Studio .NET Create a new XML File. Add the following data to the XML Document <Employee EmployeeID="123"> <EmployeeName>James Bond</EmployeeName> </Employee>   4.  Save...

XML Schema Basics(XSD)

Introduction This post gives a basic overview of XML Schema and how to use in development. XML schema describes what XML document contains and content of the XML document what fields and sub elements it can contain. Standards for Describing XML Document DTD : was the First formulized standard. XDR: Much comprehensive standard than DTD. XSD: Currently de facto standard for describing the XML...

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