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Impersonation and Delegation in WCF

  Impersonation is a technique that WCF Services use to authorize the caller’s identity to access to service resources such as files and database tables. Service resources can be located either on local service machine or remotely hosted. The resources are being accessed by WCF Service’s process identity or specific windows identity. Difference between Impersonation and Delegation in WCF...

How to choose right WCF binding?

Binding in WCF defines how clients can connect with your service. The base class for all bindings in WCF is System.ServiceModel.Channels.Binding. A Binding includes definition for WS-* protocols used, the message encoding and the transport protocol.
The available WCF Bindings are


Transport and Message Security in WCF

This post discusses about transport and message security. In Transport Security user credentials and claims are passed using transport layer. The transport protocols are TCP, HTTP, MSMQ and IPC. Each of these protocols have their own mechanism for passing user credentials. The most common approach is using secure socket layer(SSL) for encrypting the details which sent over HTTPS.

Service Orientation vs Object Orientation

Services are good communication technique to use across application and platform boundaries. Service-oriented approach always preferred when you are building a distributed application. Object orientation approach provides a view of what a system should look and effective for producing logical models. Object based approach can fail to consider real-world factors like physical distribution and...

OData and Windows Azure

  This post discusses about building a service using CLOUD platform that can reach various devices. What is OData and Where it fits in? OData is a specification that makes very easy to exchange and interact with data on the web. So OData is all about connecting up devices to the CLOUD. This post also discuss how to create a OData Service in Visual Studio 2010 and host it on Windows Azure...

WCF Discovery with UDP

Inorder to call the WindowsCommunicationFoundation service, a port or pipe which assigned to the service must be available and the client must know the address endpoints before calling the services. If the service could use any available address then client can discover that address at runtime. There is a industry standard-based solution which helps in discovering the service addresses. Address...

Web services security

Introduction Securing a Web service is possible using WSE (Web Services Enhancements) for .NET. We can define the security requirements for both incoming and outgoing SOAP Messages this we can call it is a policy. We can define the policy in two ways 1. Using WSE Settings 3.0 Tool 2. Adding the policy element to the XML file Alternatively we can define the policy file either in development or...

MTOM Support to Web Service

Overview of MTOM Using MTOM an application can send or receive a large amount of data. MTOM allows message-level security to be applied to the message including binary data. MTOM encodes the SOAP message and transmits the message as XML. Following is the procedure to send large amount of data using MTOM Open the web service project in Visual studio 2005   2.   Enable the project to...

Digital Signing the SOAP Message

WSE allows you to digitally sign a SOAP Messages by overriding the SecureMessage method. To sign a SOAP message 1. The following code example overrides the SecureMessage method. public override void SecureMessage(SoapEnvelope envelope, Security security) { //Obtain the security token with which you want to sign the SOAP message with. KerberosToken kerbToken = new KerberosToken("host/" +...

Adding Security Credentials to SOAP

The WSE 3.0 for .NET enables the developers for creating one or more security credentials that can be added to the SOAP Message. The following procedure describes how to add one or more security credentials to a SOAP Message.A computer must be configured to accept the SOAP Messages embedded with the security credentials. Two types of security credentials that can be setup for the computer X.509...

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