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Connection issue with SQL Azure

Today, I got the following error message when connecting to SQL Azure from our dev environment Don’t panic follow the below trouble shooting steps. 1. Check your Microsoft Azure portal firewall settings. You should add your client ip address range as following 2. If you still get the same error message then double check the way that your are connecting to server using client tool example: if...

Windows Azure–Security essentials

  This post discusses about Security essentials which technical decision maker should know in-order to protect customers applications and data in Windows Azure platform. Instead you building the server racks and datacenters, Cloud takes your traditional data centers from you and run on their premises which greatly reduces the cost and maintenance. Cloud runs as services platform follows the...

Creating Firewall rules using SQL Azure

  The firewall feature in Windows Azure portal allows you to store your data securely on cloud which deny all connections by default. The new firewall feature allows you to specify list of IP addresses which can access your SQL Azure Server.You can also programmatically add connections and retrieve information for SQL Azure database. This post discusses about creating the firewall rule using...

Deploying Database with ASP.NET Web application

  Web applications can be deployed in two different ways one by using one-click publish or by using a Web deployment package. Usually we may want to deploy our database scripts that we used along with the application deployment. This post discusses the procedures to deploy the database along with web application in Visual Studio 2010. Assume there is no database exist in destination and...

Creating a database in SQL Azure


This post discusses about setting up a windows Azure and creating a SQL Azure database. There 3 main steps to create a main database

Step1: Visit the Windows Azure website and select the suitable offer. For testing and knowing the features there is a introductory offer which is free to use as long as you do not exceed the monthly usage hours. visit here for offer

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