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Modern containerized apps development using AZURE CLOUD Native

There are many options for developers to build and deploy cloud native and containerized applications on Microsoft AZURE. This post outlines why cloud native is important for organizations and describe the options like AZURE Container Apps and AZURE Kubernetes Service. What is Cloud-Native for Application Development? CNCF cloud native computing foundation envisions cloud-native applications to...

Azure Search Service Overview – Part1

This post explains high-level overview of AZURE search service and its key features. Part1 includes creating a search service in Azure portal, building search indexes, uploading documents and retrieving using AZURE REST API. Azure search service REST API can be consumed by web apps and cross-platform mobile apps for showing compelling search results. Why AZURE Search Service? Azure Search service...

Microsoft Azure Storage options overview

This post outlines the available storage options in Azure portal , creating blob data and accessing it through Azure storage explorer or using C# code. The code discussed in this post can be downloaded from here Microsoft offers following storage options Creating a Storage account in AZURE portal Login to Azure Portal to create a new storage account Storage account name – The name must be...

Remote debugging AZURE app service web app

This post outline the steps to debug the AZURE app service using Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2015. Before you start remote debugging the application make sure you deployed your web app to azure using debug settings not release. Step 1 Enable remote debug and visual studio version for your app service web app in AZURE portal Step2 You can attach the debugger in two way one is from cloud...

Building Windows Azure Services

Microsoft introduced cloud platform officially known as Azure Services Platform.It makes easy for .NET Developers to move their applications to the cloud using same tools and API’s they’re already familiar with. It provides highly-scalable execution environment for running .NET Applications and storing data in Microsoft data centers throughout the world.

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