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Cloud Application Development Availability strategy

Formulating successful strategy for cloud development starts with technical and business objectives. This post outlines the problem areas that must address while building your cloud application. Each problem area outlines the challenges and solution as well. Availability – defines proportion of the time your system is functional and working. An available application should consider the […]

Private Cloud IaaS basics

What is IaaS? Infrastructure as a service. How it is different from existing services in Windows Azure like Software as Service and Platform as Service? Saas and PaaS are service models where you can use the capabilities of Cloud computing to deliver services. Many customers adapting IaaS model because they have the capabilities for managing […]

Service Bus Fundamentals

What is Service Bus? The Windows Azure Service Bus provides a secured infrastructure for wide-spread communication. It provides the connectivity options for Windows Communication Foundation and other service points. This post explains various tools around Service Bus like the most fundamental is how to create a namespace  and how to create entities and how these […]

Windows Azure New Features

What is Windows Azure? From platform perspective it is Microsoft computing cloud platform. It is designed and enabled to build the applications and scale it robustly. It is flexible to enable you to handle any type work and it acts as platform as service which provides a set of managed scalable services and now it […]

Microsoft Codename Cloud Numerics

Microsoft Codename “Cloud Numerics” is a new .NET programming framework which can be used to perform intensive numeric computations on large distributed data sets. If you are some one who works with large data sets, extracting the data and forming and simulating the models then you might need more computing power and memory.

Windows Azure–Security essentials

  This post discusses about Security essentials which technical decision maker should know in-order to protect customers applications and data in Windows Azure platform. Instead you building the server racks and datacenters, Cloud takes your traditional data centers from you and run on their premises which greatly reduces the cost and maintenance. Cloud runs as […]

Deploying Windows Azure Application Part2

  In my previous post I have discussed about creating the service accounts which required to create to deploy the windows azure application. This post discusses the second step which is deploying the application management portal. Windows Azure tools for visual studio allows you to create and deploy the service package to Windows Azure using […]