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Basic DOM Interactions

This post outlines the basic DOM (Document Object Model) interactions such as Querying the DOM, Manipulating the DOM and responding to the events. Querying the DOM getElementById getElementsByTagName querySelector querySelectorAll Example: var x = document.getElementById("anyID"); //or var x = document.querySelector("#anyID"); querySelector returns the first matched item, where as...

Semantic Structures in HTML5

What is HTML5 Semantic Structures? Semantics are meaning of subject, like a word or sentence. This post shows the HTML5 tags that you can use for developing Windows Store Applications. How do you or machine interpret these semantics are matter? Example Semantics via attribution    when you look at the divs with the ids and classes, so much repetition going on with people creating header...

Building Windows Phone Application using HTML5 and OData

This post explains the steps to create a Windows Phone application using HTML5 and OData. You need to install Windows Phone SDK on developer machine which can be downloaded from here.  The idea is to show the product categories information from Northwind OData service. 1. Create a ASP.NET Web application and refer the Northwind OData service 2. Add the Jquery and datascript libraries into...

Performance Tricks to Metro Style Web Applications

  What is web performance? It is actually when does the user perform an action it self and when does those results occur on the screen. The three key factors to web performance is Network, CPU and Memory. The web developer has to think about the above three element to improve the performance of a web application. You can measure your web site performance using windows performance toolkit...

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