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ASP.NET 5 internals overview

ASP.NET 5 comes with the default runtime environment called KRE. KRE is K runtime environment which contains compilation, SDK and native CLR host. K runtime bootstraps the environment and runs on different operating systems. KVM is K version manager for installing different versions of KRE.Different commands related to KVM- single command line that downloads and […]

Security and Configuration Enhancements for ASP.NET Projects in VS 2013

Number of enhancements made for ASP.NET Projects in Visual Studio 2013 release. For example, Now you can easily create a Web Forms project which has MVC as a part of it or you could create MVC project which has Web Forms. This release also enabled switching authentication types per project, For example you can create […]

Bootstrap for ASP.NET Development

It is critical for the web developers to target their websites to render on different devices and form factors. ASP.NET templates now using a framework called Bootstrap. What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is front-end framework for easy and faster web development. This post explains how to use Bootstrap in  ASP.NET applications and outlines some of the […]

What is new in Visual Studio 2013 preview for Web Developers

This post outlines the new updated features in Visual Studio 2013 preview for Web Developers.Some of the features described here requires the downloading of Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2103 from here. Some interesting features on JavaScript side are Documentoutline Support to JavaScript (JavaScript Editor Features) In the Editor you can provide meta data in […]

Visual Studio 2013 and ASP.NET Preview

Visual Studio 2013 preview was announced in TechEd 2013 by Brain Harry. This post outlines the new features in Visual Studio 2013 preview project templates, Scaffolding update and Web tooling features. When you create a new project in Visual Studio 2013 then you can see only one entry under web category in new project dialog […]