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ASP.NET 5 internals overview

ASP.NET 5 comes with the default runtime environment called KRE. KRE is K runtime environment which contains compilation, SDK and native CLR host. K runtime bootstraps the environment and runs on different operating systems.

KVM is K version manager for installing different versions of KRE.Different commands related to KVM- single command line that downloads and runs the KVM

KVM install 1.0.0 – downloads the SDK and installs the KVM.

Kvm list shows the list of versions that installed on current machine



KVM use default command changes the path and old runtime is no longer in the path, when you run the KPM command then it tells the current package version. KPM bundles the application for deployment and also builds the packages for the project in given directory.

At the moment core CLR does not have real idea about creating the native executable image. K is providing the natively executable image. Example: mono on Linux.

When you say K helloworld in command prompt, it is going to find helloworld dll and run it. You can expect the same when you run the application on different platform.

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