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Visual Studio 2010 Designer Improvements

The Web Developer Designer in VS 2010 has been enhanced for greater CSS compatibility, includes support for HTML and ASP.NET markup snippets. Improved CSS compatibility The Developer designer in VS 2010 has been updated to improve CSS 2.1 standards compliance. HTML and JScript Snippets  In the HTML editor, IntelliSense auto-completes tag names. VS 2010 includes over 200 snippets that help...

ASP.NET Application Deployment in VS 2010

ASP.NET Developers often find the following difficulties in deploying the applications • You may require an FTP to transfer your application to shared hosting site. You must also need to perform tasks such as running SQL scripts to configure a database and changing IIS settings such as configuring a virtual directory folder for application...

Permanently Redirecting a Page in ASP.NET 4.0

Web applications commonly move the pages and content around the servers. This results to accumulation of old links in search engines. Traditionally this was handled in ASP.NET using the Response.Redirect method to forward the request to the new URL. However Redirect method issues an HTTP 302 found (temporary redirect) response. Redirect method results in extra round trip when user accessing the...

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