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Power Map Preview Features

What is Power Map? Power Map is a data visualization tool for Microsoft Excel 2013 which allows the users to view the information in new ways. The data visualization is on Three Dimensional(3-D) globe. The preview of the tool can be downloaded from here. Three main Power Map features are Map Data You can easily view more than million rows of data in 3-D and on Bing map from Excel sheet table or...

Data Manipulation using Power Query and Power Pivot

Power Query is an excel Add-in which allows you to connect wide variety of data sources. Power Query has an intelligence to find a data set on a webpage. Once you have the data set you may notice that is not in right shape. Using Power Query you can combine data sets using join, merge operations. Power Query generates the script when you are performing the steps in loading and cleansing the data...

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Features

This post discusses the new features introduced in SharePoint 2013 for Business Intelligence and how you can do the things in better way using SharePoint 2013, PowerPivot and Power View. SharePoint is really about organization, discovery, building out new solutions and managing those solutions. So With Microsoft BI tools how do you explore the data? How do you mine the data? How do you visualise...

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