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Windows Azure–Security essentials

  This post discusses about Security essentials which technical decision maker should know in-order to protect customers applications and data in Windows Azure platform. Instead you building the server racks and datacenters, Cloud takes your traditional data centers from you and run on their premises which greatly reduces the cost and maintenance. Cloud runs as services platform follows the...

Deploying Windows Azure Application Part2

  In my previous post I have discussed about creating the service accounts which required to create to deploy the windows azure application. This post discusses the second step which is deploying the application management portal. Windows Azure tools for visual studio allows you to create and deploy the service package to Windows Azure using Visual Studio. Before deploying the application to...

Deploying a Windows Azure application Part1

  This post discuss about deploying your web applications or WCF Applications to Windows Azure using the new Management Portal. Before deploying the application to portal , you need to have a subscription with Windows Azure read this post to signup for a Windows Azure account and to purchase a subscription. After having an account with Windows Azure you need to do the below steps to deploy...

WCF Services in Windows Azure

  What is Windows Azure? Windows Azure provides developers computation power storage and can scale web applications on internet through Microsoft Datacenters. Developers can use Azure platform to build WCF service application using their existing Visual Studio 2010 expertise. Windows Azure supports the protocols and formats including SOAP, REST and XML. This post discuss about creating a...

Configuring Session Support Using the Azure

  In-memory session support is un-suitable in Azure Fabric environment. There is a possibility in windows azure where you can host a web role on multiple machines inside the fabric. AspProviders project which I explained in earlier post uses BLOB storage to store session itself. This post explains about configuring the ASP.NET application to use Azure session state provider. We can configure...

Using the Azure ASP.NET Providers with ASP.NET Applications

  My previous post explained that changes that are necessary to run an existing ASP.NET application in the Windows Azure environment. This post explains about using Azure ASP.NET membership and role providers in ASP.NET web application. 1. Download the code providers for Azure from the MSDN Code Gallery. Add the downloaded project to your existing ASP.NET Solution and add a reference...

MOVING Web Applications to the CLOUD


This post discusses about preparing the Web application to run in CLOUD (Windows Azure) Environment. We will create a new windows azure project in VS 2010 to move the existing ASP.NET web application. Process described below works for both ASP.NET Web and MVC applications.

You need to download and install the following tools from here to move the applications to windows azure environment.

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