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What is new in Silverlight 5 Beta

This post discusses the features in Silverlight 5 Beta. One of the greatest features                              image

in Silverlight 5 is tooling. Features are listed below


  • Breakpoints in XAML for debugging binding
  • Binding in style setters
  • Implicit Data Templates


  • Sound effect for low-latency sound using the SoundEffect API
  • Variable speed playback
  • For performance boost H.264 media is now hardware decoded


  • Linked Rich Text Boxes for seamless overflow and multi-column text


  • Click count for multi-click support eg: double click
  • Listbox/Combobox type-ahead text searching


  • Graphics stack improved using independent animations
  • XNA 3D API for low-level access to GPU, vertex shaders and 3D primitives.

Getting Started

Remember it is still in Beta so it may contain bugs

Install Visual Studio 2010 SP1


Install Silverlight 5 Beta tools for Visual Studio 2010

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