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Data Alerting in SQL Server 2012


You can create a data alert to email notification in SQL Server 2012 reporting services. This data alert sends e-mail notification when only when specific conditions in the data are true at a schedule time. This Date Alerting feature is available only when reporting services runs in sharepoint integration mode. It works only with reports that are designed using Report Designer or Report Builder. You can not create alert for Power View reports.

Data Alerts Designer

You can create one or more data alerts for any report provided report must return the data at the time you create the data alert.

Steps to create a Data Alert

Open the report that you want to add the data alert, Select new Data Alert from the actions menu in reports toolbar


Note: You must have a permission in sharepoint to create an alert.

Using Data Alert designer you can define rules for one or more data regions in the report that control reporting services send an alert. When you save the alerting definitions, reporting services saves it in the alerting database and schedules a corresponding SQL Server Agent Job.


You can create one or more rules that compares a field value to value that you enter, Data Alert designer combines multiple rules for the same data feed by using logical AND operator.

In schedule section of the Data Alert designer , you can configure the daily, weekly intervals at which to run the SQL Server Agent job for the data alert.


Final, you must specify email address as a recipient for the data alert. Reporting services alert service manages the process of refreshing data feed and applying the rules in the data alert definition. Alerting service adds an alerting instance to the alerting database.


The email for successful data alert shows the user name of the person who created the alert and description of the data from the alert and rows from the data feed that generated the data alert. The Sample alert shown as below


If an error occurs during the alert processing then it sends an alert message to recipient describing the error message.

Data Alert Manager 

Data Alert Manager lists all data alerts that you created for the report as shown below. To open the Data Alert Manager , Open the document library which has the report then click the down arrow and select Manage Data Alerts.


Data Alert Manager shows the status of last execution of each data alert.

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