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SSIS Deployment Models in SQL Server 2012


SQL Server 2012 supports two different SSIS deployment models one is Package Deployment model and another is Project Deployment model. This post describes the characteristics and compares the two different models.

Package Deployment Model   This model was used in previous versions of Integration Services, Unit of deployment in this model is package and it is stored as DTSX file. A package can be deployed to the file system or to the MSDB database in SQL Server. In this model you use DTSCONFIG files to save the configuration settings on file system.

Project Deployment Model   Project is unit of deployment in this model and it is stored as ISPAC in file system. ISPAC file is a collection of packages and parameters. You can use parameters to assign the runtime values to package.

The below table compares the two deployment models

Feature Package Deployment Model Project Deployment Model
Unit of Deployment Package Project
Deployment Location File system or MSDB database Integration Services catalog. Catalog is a dedicated database that stores packages and related configuration information which can be accessed at run time
Runtime Values Stored as configuration files Stored in parameters
Execution method You can use either DTExec or DTExecUI to execute SSIS packages You can use SQL Server Management studio to execute the package
CLR Integration Not Required Required

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