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GAC in .NET Framework

The Global Assembly Cache known as the GAC is to enable sharing of assemblies across several managed applications installed on a machine. All managed developers can install assemblies to the GAC and share them across applications. When to Use the GAC When should an assembly be installed in the GAC as opposed to assembly in application base? If you have any assembly that must be shared across...

Assembly binding in .NET Framework

The CLR is responsible for locating and binding the assemblies in the code. In Order to work assembly binding efficiently you need to follow some best practices. Assembly Naming  Always use fully specified assembly names. An assembly name is a name given to unique identity. Two assemblies representing the same identity can have the same name with different versions. Assemblies are mostly...

Creating Custom Activities in Windows Workflow Foundation

Introduction Activities are basic units in workflow execution. Activities are two types basic activities and composite activities. Basic activities are steps in the workflow and composite activities  can contain other activities. Base activities are comes with Workflow Foundation and these can be used by dragging it from visual studio toolbox. We can also create custom activities that appear...

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