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Data Manipulation using Power Query and Power Pivot

Power Query is an excel Add-in which allows you to connect wide variety of data sources. Power Query has an intelligence to find a data set on a webpage. Once you have the data set you may notice that is not in right shape. Using Power Query you can combine data sets using join, merge operations. Power Query generates the script when you are performing the steps in loading and cleansing the data...

Using PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010

PowerPivot applications are created using Excel 2010 using PowerPivot add-in,  You can read my post on configuring PowerPivot in SharePoint 2010 here. After creating a PowerPivot application then you need to upload it to SharePoint 2010 PowerPivot gallery so that it can share across organization. You should be able to preview the PowerPivot applications once you upload them to PowerPivot...

Configuring Power Pivot for SharePoint 2010

This post explains about how to install and configure the Power Pivot for SharePoint 2010. You can read installation instructions for SharePoint 2010 here. You need to install SharePoint 2010 with un-configure state. You will be having the PowerPivot for SharePoint package in SQL Server 2008 R2 media. We are using new server installation option in SQL Server 2008 R2 setup. Install SharePoint...

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