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Diagnostic tooling features in Visual Studio 2015

IntelliTrace UI has completely redesigned in Visual Studio 2015. This post outlines what improvements have been made to IntelliTrace and PerfTips which is a feature to evaluate your application performance easily during the debugging process. These features are available in VS 2015 CTP5. Using the new features in IntelliTrace, it is really easy to fix the bugs. Let’s take a scenario, Assume you...

Visual Studio 2015 IDE Productivity features

Visual Studio has been a most productivity tool IDE for developers and introduced many new features in latest version Visual Studio 2015. This post outlines the features introduced in VS 2015.VS 2015 bringing the seem less experience for all the new devices existing like dense screens (touch capability and high-resolution screens). Touch gesture for Visual Studio Editor You can scroll up and down...

Tooling support for ASP.NET 5 in Visual Studio 2015

The main goal of Visual Studio 2015 development is to give wonderful developer experience for visual studio users. VS 2015 provides command to tools to support mixed environment. For example, if you have 10 team members and 8 of those using visual studio and the other two are using different tool set on mac. In new project dialogue in VS 2015, you can see new 4 options Select the ASP.NETvNext Web...

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