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Analyzing root cause live site issues using Azure Portal

Quickly determining the root-cause of live site issue(s) that hosted in AZURE is important. The standard alerts that you setup in monitoring system might help you in alerting the problem and wouldn’t always help you in finding immediately the root-cause of the failure. Azure Portal introduced a new feature called “Application Change Analysis” under AppService. What is...

Web Essentials and CSSCop for Visual Studio 2010

  This post discuss about new features in Web Essentials extension and Image optimizer which helps developers to write web applications faster. A new extension CSSCop which is a FXCop for style sheets. You can download the Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2010 here. The CSSCop can be download from here. Download link for Image Optimizer is here. You can read my previous post on Web Standards...

Performance tuning For .NET Applications

Performance tuning is one of the daunting task for making your applications run faster. There are several factors that can cause your application run slow. One of the factor is memory which can directly impact on your program execution. This post discusses the basics of memory optimization for .NET programs. If we outline the cases where memory access is bottleneck then it is easier for tune them...

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