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Building a Secure ASP.NET Core Web API

This post outlines the steps that require to secure ASP.NET Core 3.0(preview) Web API using AZURE AD. Web API uses Azure AD as identity provider which implements the OAuth2 standards. In this case AZURE AD grants the tokens to applications. Don’t get confused with OpenIDConnect and OAuth2. OpenIDConnect protocol implements OAuth2 standards. OpenID is not just for APIs, it can be used for...

Welcome 2011!!!

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Log Parser usage

Log parser is a free tool from Microsoft where developers and support technicians can use to parse the IIS logs, Event Logs and Active Directory logs. This tool helps the developers to find the root cause for the site related issues. This post explains common commands that we use to look for specific information in IIS logs. The tool can be downloaded from here The default location for IIS logs...

Google Chrome Web Browser Features

Introduction Today Google has released its first new open source browser named Google Chrome Beta. In this post I am going to explain about Chrome Features with examples. Download link for Google chrome First Look:     Features 1. We got classic tab system which are appearing above the URL bar which is new style that you do not fine in other browsers which is new in chrome. A new tab...

Web services security

Introduction Securing a Web service is possible using WSE (Web Services Enhancements) for .NET. We can define the security requirements for both incoming and outgoing SOAP Messages this we can call it is a policy. We can define the policy in two ways 1. Using WSE Settings 3.0 Tool 2. Adding the policy element to the XML file Alternatively we can define the policy file either in development or...

Extension Methods Feature in C# 3.0

It is one of the new feature introduced in C# 3.0 “As the name implies, extension methods extend existing .NET types with new methods.” Here i am going to extend the String type to write an extension method. Example Adding a IsValidEmailAddress method onto an instance of string class: namespace Extensions { class TestProgram {      static  void  Main(string[]...

Configuring ASP.NET 1.1 websites on IIS 7.0

If you want to run your existing ASP.NET 1.1 websites under .NET Framework v1.1  please read this post Configuring .NET Framework 1.1 on windows vista and follow the below steps. 1. Open IIS 7 by going through Control Panel/Administrative Tools and please select the ISAPI and CGI Restrictions option from IIS section. 2. Allow the ASP.NET 1.1 in the ISAPI/CGI restrictions.   3. Make sure...

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