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WSE Settings 3.0 Tool

The WSE features can be enabled by using WSE 3.0 tool which is a graphical user interface in visual studio 2005. You have to download the WSE 3.0 for .NET to configure the WSE 3.0 tool.

To open the WSE Settings 3.0 tool from Visual Studio 2005.

  1. Open the Solution or project that you want to use the WSE with.
  2. Right click the project point to WSE Settings 3.0 and click


To use the WSE settings 3.0 Tool from the start menu

1. Click Start, point to Microsoft WSE 3.0, and then click Configuration Tool.


The following screen shot shows  the General tab of the WSE Settings 30 tool


We can enable the project for WSE by checking above options in the WSE 3.0 tool.


Security Tab

We can specify the location of X.509 certificate and how to verify them

1. Click the security tab

2. In the Store location box, select the certificate store to look for

3. Allow test tools option allows X.509 certificates signed by testroot to pass the verification.

We can add or remove binary security token managers

1. Click Add or Remove

    if you click add, the Binary Security Manager dialogue box appears.



2. For Type field give the name of the security token manager.

Policy Tab

To specify the policy file

1. Click the policy tab


2. Select the Enable Policy check box.

3. Click Browse

4. From the open dialogue box, select the policy file, and then click open.

Routing Tab

To add a router

1. Click the Routing Tab.


2. Under the Routing Handlers, click Add.

The Routing Handler Input dialogue box appears


3. In the Type list select Microsoft.Web.Services3.Routing.RoutingHandler.

4. In the Path box, Enter the extension of incoming request.

5. In the Verb box, Enter the list of comma separated HTTP verbs.

Messaging Tab

To specify whether SOAP Messages are MTOM-encoded

1. Click the Messaging Tab


2. Choose the server mode

    always specifies the all incoming and outgoing SOAP Messages must be MTOM encoded.

3. For more information MTOM Support to Web service.

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