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Microsoft Big Data Solution

What is Big Data? It is a popular term used to describe growth of structured and unstructured information. This post discusses the Trends driving the “Big Data” and Microsoft Big Data Solution. There are vendors in market which provide Hadoop deployments but most operate outside central IT operations. Microsoft Big Data solution can analyze over […]

Data Alerting in SQL Server 2012

  You can create a data alert to email notification in SQL Server 2012 reporting services. This data alert sends e-mail notification when only when specific conditions in the data are true at a schedule time. This Date Alerting feature is available only when reporting services runs in sharepoint integration mode. It works only with […]

Tabular Modeling in SQL Server 2012

  Tabular model is a new database structure in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services. When you create tabular model project, SQL Server Developer Tools creates a Model.bim file to the project and creates workspace database in Analysis Services instance. Workspace database acts as a temporary storage for data when you develop a model in SSDT. […]

SSIS Logging in SQL Server 2012

  Enabling SSIS logging is a tedious process in earlier versions. Integration Services Packages has the two options to log the information during the execution, one option is configure the log providers in each package and associate them to executables within the package. Second option is to use SQL statements or script components to implement […]

Enabling Contained Databases in SQL Server 2012

  Authentication mechanism to login to SQL Server database engine is either Windows authentication or SQL Server account. Sometimes you will face authentication issues with database portability, example when you migrate a database from one SQL Server instance to another SQL Server instance, DBA has to ensure that all logins in Source SQL Server instance […]